Monday, January 6, 2014

6 year old boy rapes his 5 year old cousin while playing 'daddy and mummy' game

Here is an unbelievable and probably the first of its kind incident that rocked Malaysia in Particular and the whole world in general. I am posting it here to make the parents to be very much aware that their kids are watching every activity they do and are trying to imitate and follow their parents.

This shocking incident was reported in Malaysia. The grand mother of a minor girl child aged 5 years found her and her six year old cousin naked and playing 'mother and father game'. On further enquiry and medical check-up it was found that the six year boy child while playing mummy daddy game engaged  in sexual activity with the girl. The doctors who examined the girl also confirmed penetration.

This incident is not a lone one though it may be the first one to be reported. Experts say the reason behind this sex play may be because the boy might have viewed some pornographic clips or material. They also raise doubts about the possibility of these children watching their parents intimate sexual scenes.

Parents should take every care before engaging in sex. They should make sure that their children are never near them before they engage in sex play. Never do anything keeping your children aside thinking that they are asleep. 

Also this incident should open the eyes of the world to ban or control the frequent availability of pornographic materials and adult content through the internet at homes.