Friday, March 8, 2013

Kerala 3 Year Old Minor Rape Case: The culprit arrested and sent to judicial custody

In one of the most shocking and shameful sexual crime against minor girl children, a 3-year-old girl child who was sleeping with her mother on the road side was kidnapped by a human shaped animal and was cruelly raped. The little girl who was seriously injured in the gruesome rape is said to be out of danger by the hospital authorities.The

The Kerala Police who went on a massive search succeeded in nabbing the 25 year old culprit who admitted the heinous crime.He had also confessed of having sexual relations with other female beggars and pavement sleepers earlier.

When the entire country is debating to increase the safety and security of the women, such incidents damage the morale of the entire community. Such people damage the name of not only a state but also the whole country.

Mothers and the responsible should take utmost care of their female children from the very first day of their birth as there are mad eagles in human forms to kidnap and rape irrespective of their age or condition.