Monday, December 23, 2013

Medico Girl Student forced to have sex with her friend before abductors in Mangalore. Filmed and Blackmailed

While the atrocities against the female gender is increasing uncontrollably every where, a shocking new modus-operandi crime was reported from Mangalore city of Karnataka State. A gang of criminals abducted a 22-year-old medico student and her friend belonging to a private college were abducted and were taken to an abandoned building at a secluded place and were forced to engage in sexual activity in-front of them. 

They reportedly shot the the acts on videos and later blackmailed them for Rs.25 lakhs. They threatened the victims that they would post the video clips on Facebook and other social networking sites. They also told them that they will post the photo and video clips to their college principal and others.

However the police who acted sharply have nabbed 8 culprits and they are on the hunt for others.

Click the link to see more details and the culprits arrested y the police.