Friday, November 1, 2013

Indian film Actress Swetha Menon molested by a politician in Kollam, Kerala on a public stage: video

Swetha Menon, the Indian movie actress who had created a controversy earlier by getting her delivery scenes shot and exhibited in a Malayalam movie by name 'Kalimannu' has complained of sexual assault and molestation by a politician on a stage in a public meeting in Kollam of Kerala in India. 

Shwetha Menon, who had attended in the President's boat race in Kollam of Kerala in connection with the Kerala State formation Day on November 1st, 2013 later complained to the organizers of the Program and to the District Collector that she was subjected to sexual molestation by some one who shared the stage with her (without naming any one) and asked the media to check the video clips of the show and to identify the culprits.

These statements by the female actor has initiated police case on those persons suspected on mis-behaving with her.

Click the link to watch the video of molestation: