Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Self Styled godman Asaram Bapu who raped minor girl pleads innocence.

India,s self styled god man Asaram Bapu, who have a large number of followers and devotees in Rajastan state and other northern parts of India was accused of raping a minor girl a few days ago. But the authorities who know about his higher connections and fan base, were reluctant to file any case against him until some social and women activists came forth with some agitations.

Some news or the other about girls including minor girls, women and even little children being sexually abused cruelly are reported from the different parts of the country every day. But until now no exemplary punishments were awarded to any culprits. The legal process which is usually slow take a lot of time to give suitable punishments to the offenders. 

This long time make many people forget the cruel incidents and the gravity of the cruelty also diminishes as time passes on. 

The sexual crimes against women should be punished suitably even if the offender is of high influence and strong say in the politics of the country.


  1. Such godmen are not above the law.
    If any political party or netas support them, they should be isolated by the people.

  2. If he is innocent, why should he refuse to surrender to the police for interrogation....?

  3. Such cheaters must be hanged in public. But they too have a strong foolish and innocent fan base, who believe they have divine powers.