Monday, August 26, 2013

Kerala 17-year-old Cute Muslim Mionr Girl forced to marry a Rich Arabian for Money. Married, Abused and abandoned.

This is a regular happening since many years. Rich people belonging to Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries go to the third world countries in search of cute and beautiful poor Minor Muslim girls, find some agents or middle men, pay them some money and lure the poor parents of the poor girl child, pay them a small amount of money and marry (nikah) the poor minor girl (without her consent ... but forced by parents and other so called elders), sexually assault the innocent girl, and abandon her once their desire is over....!

But the recent one (Arabi Kalayanam) that took place on June 13, 2013 in Kozhikode of  Northern Malabar of Kerala State has caught the notice of some responsible media and came to the lime light. This sad news became an issue as the victim girl has directly approached the police and filed a complaint for justice.

According to media reports, the 17-year-old minor girl who was the inmate of a Yateem Khana (orphanage home) because of her family's poverty, was good at studies and wanted to continue her studies.

But as she was very beautiful, the eyes of some human vultures fell on her and typically sold her for sex to some influential and rich person from the Arab country, creating false documents of his domicile. In this white collar flesh trade, even the owner of the Orphanage home played an important role for money.

As all those who are behind this crime are rich and have backing of powerful political parties and disappear after some time by paying some compensation to the victim and her family.

Such cases of human trafficking regularly take place in many areas of India especially in and around Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh and Malappuram district of Kerala, where poor Muslims are plenty in number having beautiful and pretty girls.