Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30-year-old Woman drugged, raped, filmed and video posted online by textile owner at Madina in Hyderabad.

Another sexual atrocity on a 30-year-old married woman has rocked Hyderabad, the Capital of Andhra Pradesh State in india. A textile owner's 40 year old son Md.Amjad and his associate Md. Faheem together gang raped a married woman who is known to them and a relative of both of them and filmed the raping scenes and uploaded video clips on internet youtube.

'Afzal's collections' (Afzal's saree house) is a textile shop at Madina near Charminar center in Hyderabad, run by Afzal Hussain. His son and his friend engaged in this gruesome activity when his father was absent. According to the complaint by the victim, they offered a drink to the woman (who was a frequent visitor to the shop), and when she became unconscious, they took her to the first floor of the building and raped her and filmed the sex scenes and uploaded the sex clips on the internet.

Though the two accused threatened her with dire consequences, when her parents and relatives came to know about the video clips online, they immediately approached the police and the matter came to light. The police nabbed the two accused and are studying the video clips to find out whether more people are involved in this.

Accoring to some sources, these people have video recorded girl and woman customers nude photos earlier too using video cameras fixed at the trial rooms.. 

 ZEE 24 ghantalu news channel reported the matter as follows:

Watch the video here:


  1. Very horrible.
    Punish them severely.

  2. Don't allow them to escape.
    Give them exemplary Punishment.

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