Monday, December 23, 2013

Medico Girl Student forced to have sex with her friend before abductors in Mangalore. Filmed and Blackmailed

While the atrocities against the female gender is increasing uncontrollably every where, a shocking new modus-operandi crime was reported from Mangalore city of Karnataka State. A gang of criminals abducted a 22-year-old medico student and her friend belonging to a private college were abducted and were taken to an abandoned building at a secluded place and were forced to engage in sexual activity in-front of them. 

They reportedly shot the the acts on videos and later blackmailed them for Rs.25 lakhs. They threatened the victims that they would post the video clips on Facebook and other social networking sites. They also told them that they will post the photo and video clips to their college principal and others.

However the police who acted sharply have nabbed 8 culprits and they are on the hunt for others.

Click the link to see more details and the culprits arrested y the police.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Indian film Actress Swetha Menon molested by a politician in Kollam, Kerala on a public stage: video

Swetha Menon, the Indian movie actress who had created a controversy earlier by getting her delivery scenes shot and exhibited in a Malayalam movie by name 'Kalimannu' has complained of sexual assault and molestation by a politician on a stage in a public meeting in Kollam of Kerala in India. 

Shwetha Menon, who had attended in the President's boat race in Kollam of Kerala in connection with the Kerala State formation Day on November 1st, 2013 later complained to the organizers of the Program and to the District Collector that she was subjected to sexual molestation by some one who shared the stage with her (without naming any one) and asked the media to check the video clips of the show and to identify the culprits.

These statements by the female actor has initiated police case on those persons suspected on mis-behaving with her.

Click the link to watch the video of molestation:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30-year-old Woman drugged, raped, filmed and video posted online by textile owner at Madina in Hyderabad.

Another sexual atrocity on a 30-year-old married woman has rocked Hyderabad, the Capital of Andhra Pradesh State in india. A textile owner's 40 year old son Md.Amjad and his associate Md. Faheem together gang raped a married woman who is known to them and a relative of both of them and filmed the raping scenes and uploaded video clips on internet youtube.

'Afzal's collections' (Afzal's saree house) is a textile shop at Madina near Charminar center in Hyderabad, run by Afzal Hussain. His son and his friend engaged in this gruesome activity when his father was absent. According to the complaint by the victim, they offered a drink to the woman (who was a frequent visitor to the shop), and when she became unconscious, they took her to the first floor of the building and raped her and filmed the sex scenes and uploaded the sex clips on the internet.

Though the two accused threatened her with dire consequences, when her parents and relatives came to know about the video clips online, they immediately approached the police and the matter came to light. The police nabbed the two accused and are studying the video clips to find out whether more people are involved in this.

Accoring to some sources, these people have video recorded girl and woman customers nude photos earlier too using video cameras fixed at the trial rooms.. 

 ZEE 24 ghantalu news channel reported the matter as follows:

Watch the video here:

Self Styled godman Asaram Bapu who raped minor girl pleads innocence.

India,s self styled god man Asaram Bapu, who have a large number of followers and devotees in Rajastan state and other northern parts of India was accused of raping a minor girl a few days ago. But the authorities who know about his higher connections and fan base, were reluctant to file any case against him until some social and women activists came forth with some agitations.

Some news or the other about girls including minor girls, women and even little children being sexually abused cruelly are reported from the different parts of the country every day. But until now no exemplary punishments were awarded to any culprits. The legal process which is usually slow take a lot of time to give suitable punishments to the offenders. 

This long time make many people forget the cruel incidents and the gravity of the cruelty also diminishes as time passes on. 

The sexual crimes against women should be punished suitably even if the offender is of high influence and strong say in the politics of the country.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kerala 17-year-old Cute Muslim Mionr Girl forced to marry a Rich Arabian for Money. Married, Abused and abandoned.

This is a regular happening since many years. Rich people belonging to Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries go to the third world countries in search of cute and beautiful poor Minor Muslim girls, find some agents or middle men, pay them some money and lure the poor parents of the poor girl child, pay them a small amount of money and marry (nikah) the poor minor girl (without her consent ... but forced by parents and other so called elders), sexually assault the innocent girl, and abandon her once their desire is over....!

But the recent one (Arabi Kalayanam) that took place on June 13, 2013 in Kozhikode of  Northern Malabar of Kerala State has caught the notice of some responsible media and came to the lime light. This sad news became an issue as the victim girl has directly approached the police and filed a complaint for justice.

According to media reports, the 17-year-old minor girl who was the inmate of a Yateem Khana (orphanage home) because of her family's poverty, was good at studies and wanted to continue her studies.

But as she was very beautiful, the eyes of some human vultures fell on her and typically sold her for sex to some influential and rich person from the Arab country, creating false documents of his domicile. In this white collar flesh trade, even the owner of the Orphanage home played an important role for money.

As all those who are behind this crime are rich and have backing of powerful political parties and disappear after some time by paying some compensation to the victim and her family.

Such cases of human trafficking regularly take place in many areas of India especially in and around Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh and Malappuram district of Kerala, where poor Muslims are plenty in number having beautiful and pretty girls.

Celebrities Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus dancing nude and naked like sex dancers for MTV VMAs 2013

These are not normal dances on stage. These so called celebrities were competing with one another to show their bare body as much as possible on an international show of MTV VMAs 2013.

Celebrities are nowadays ready to go to any extend to get more fans. It will be nice if they think that they have got a moral responsibility to be a model for the teens and youngsters world-wide. 

If poor women engage in such dances in the streets or gatherings in countries like India, they will be booked and termed as sexual offenders by the authorities and the communities.


Watch more photos / images and videos of these celebrities naked and nude shows.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kerala Kottarakkara Pastor rapes a 23 year mentally challenged girl

There is yet another bad news for the concerned citizens of this world. Sexual atrocities and cruelty on the female gender is increasing day by day.  This took place today in Kerala - known and claims to be God's Own Country....! 

A self styled fake pastor by name Manu reportedly went to a house and when he found the 23-year-old girl alone in the house he reportedly sexually assaulted the girl. When the mother of the girl came back she found the crying girl and when asked she revealed that the pastor raped her very cruelly.

The mother of the victim and their neighbors immediately gave a police complaint and the police arrested the fake pastor. 

Such people who claim to be pastors are spoiling the name of other genuine Pastors who serve with integrity, sincerity and honesty.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Photo: American Actress Amanda Michelle Seyfried to act nude and intimate scenes in Lovelace film.

Amanda Seyfried Acting nude / naked
The Beautiful American Actress and Model Amanda Michelle Seyfried has stated that she is 'liberated' when
shooting nude and intimate sex scenes for the new biopic film 'Lovelace', as she was brought up in such a way thinking that nudity was a sin.

The 27-year old pretty actress made this statement after shooting for the iconic adult movie star Linda Lovelace of 1970s. She also said that she was comfortable going naked and acting intimate sex scenes in-front of cameras.

The cute actress while enchanted some of her fans with her latest movie has shocked many by her completely nude and naked scenes and acting as a porn queen with co-star Peter Sarsgaard in some very intimate sex scenes.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photo: 35-Year Old American Woman Admits She Had sex with 11-year old Boy for 8 Months

This is the photo of the 35-year-old woman, driven with uncontrollable lust and slept with her neighbor's 11-year-old son for about 8 months and sexually molested and assaulted the minor boy. 

The culprit Sarah Beth Hopkins who lives in Salem city in Massachusetts,  when arrested and interrogated by the police admitted of the sexual abuse she has committed to the minor boy for a long period of time.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Lady Gaga Strips Completely Naked again for a Promotional Tribute Campaign...! Video and images

World famous pop star Lady Gaga has once again showed her completely bare body in front of a video camera. She exhibited her completely naked body for a promotion in NSFW clip shot as a tribute to the legendary performance artist Marina Albramovic.

It is not a new thing for lady Gaga to strip and go naked in front of video-graphers and photo-graphers. On several previous occasions, she has completely removed her dress including underwear and shown her full bare body before the world.

Celebrities are expected to behave as a moral example for their fans and followers around the world. Is this the best way to pay tributes to, one who influenced....?

To Watch the video Click any link:

Swetha Menon's Malayalam Movie 'Kalimannu' to be released with her live delivery scenes

The controversial Malayalam movie 'Kalimannu' by actress Swetha Menon in the lead role is all set to release with the delivery scenes. The plea filed against showing the live child birth scenes in the film, by some activists is dismissed by the high court of Kerala and the producers are of liberty to show the live Child Birth scenes of Swetha Menon's delivery. 

There was a lot of talks on the controversial film by director Blessy. Many people of Kerala are still of the view that scenes of child births are not a matter to be exhibited to the viewers in an orthodox country like India.

With the high court's permission to show the live child birth in an Indian movies for the first time, the makers of the movie are expecting to mint huge profit with an expected heavy rust of people to see Swetha's ....!

Animal father in Bangalore, India held for Raping and Imprgnating Minor Daughter

We are now living in the era of Animal fathers. We are forced to hear a number of very ugly and sour incidents of fathers raping their own daughters. 

The Byatarayanapura (in Bangalore) Police yesterday arrested another animal father who allegedly raped his minor daughter, who stopped her studies. The incident came to light when the minor girl gave birth to a boy child yesterday. When asked by the police, she said her father was the father of her son too.

The animal father raped the minor daughter when her mother had gone out and threatened the poor girl not to reveal it to anyone. The mother of the minor girl, who was sexually assaulted by her father had noticed physical changes in the child and on taking her to a doctor was first told that the reason was due to gastric problems. Later when the real cause of her swelling stomach was diagnosed, it was too late for an abortion as she was already five months pregnant. 


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Minor Girl in Pune in India Sexually Molested by CEO Father and Grand father...?

The news of Minor girls including small baby girls being raped cruelly and sexually assaulted by minor boys, youths, grown-ups and even elderly old people have become a part of the day every day.

There are several shocking incidents of fathers, mothers and grand fathers raping their own daughters and forcing them to have sex with others.

The latest news in Headlines Today was really shocking and a National shame. It is a shame for the entire human society.

A father working as the CEO of a company molested his minor girl and forced her to sleep with his boss for pleasing his boss to gain some advantages. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nude Femen Activists Strike Topless in Europe in Support of Amina Tyler: International Topless Jihad Day...!

The Femen Activists, the radical feminist group, who are famous for stripping their own clothes and go topless to protest against various reasons have once again struck by giving a call to observe 'International Topless Jihad Day' this time in support of Amina Tyler who is sentenced to be stoned by an Islamist Clergy for posting her own nude photos on Internet.

The femen Jihadists painted their naked bare chests with strong vulgar wordings and Quran verses were attacked by some people in some parts of Europe. 

It is strange indeed to go naked to protest...!

But it is more strange to award death sentence for those protesters...!

Please click this link to watch Stripping videos of Amina Tyler and other Topless Jihad activists:
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Kerala 3 Year Old Minor Rape Case: The culprit arrested and sent to judicial custody

In one of the most shocking and shameful sexual crime against minor girl children, a 3-year-old girl child who was sleeping with her mother on the road side was kidnapped by a human shaped animal and was cruelly raped. The little girl who was seriously injured in the gruesome rape is said to be out of danger by the hospital authorities.The

The Kerala Police who went on a massive search succeeded in nabbing the 25 year old culprit who admitted the heinous crime.He had also confessed of having sexual relations with other female beggars and pavement sleepers earlier.

When the entire country is debating to increase the safety and security of the women, such incidents damage the morale of the entire community. Such people damage the name of not only a state but also the whole country.

Mothers and the responsible should take utmost care of their female children from the very first day of their birth as there are mad eagles in human forms to kidnap and rape irrespective of their age or condition.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Actress Madhuri Dixit's Online Dance Academy web address

The New Official website launched by popular Indian celebrity actress and dancer, Madhuri Dixit is 

Madhruri Dixit along with her husband have announced this new idea of running an online dance academy where she invites anyone from around the world to learn dance not only from her, but also from the other member dancers.

Though she may have started this venture to increase her fan base and popularity, it is considered as a boon to the scores of dance lovers around the world and her website is expected to become a super-hit soon. 

Best Wishes to Madhuri Dixit's online dance academy...!