Saturday, October 20, 2012

Six people arrested for gang-rape of Bangalore Law student

a rape victim
The Bangalore police have arrested six youth in connection with the gang-rape of a 21 year old law student in the Bangalore University campus recently. Two of the accused are reportedly absconding.

The sexual crime on the girl student occurred on October 13th in the University Campus. Eight men were reported to have raped the law student when she was in the campus with her boy friend who is working in a multinational company.

Rapes and molestations are being reported every day from every part of the country. The youth are brought-up in an environment without any value education or moral teaching.

Sex films and adult rated films are being produced and screened with much publicity and people are encouraged / tempted to watch such movies. Internet porn sites also spoil the generation to a great extend. Parents, teachers or elders have no control on the youth.

The law of the land must be implemented firmly without any partiality or political favour to all the culprits. Political parties must not support or come to the rescue of anyone who violates the law. Then the crimes against women will reduce ....!

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