Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kerala stepfather rapes and impregnates 13-year- minor stepdaughter, arrested

In yet another abominable and shocking incident, a minor schoolgirl studying 8th class in a school in Kundara of Kollam district was brutally raped by her step father for many months. The incident came to light when the minor girl who was pregnant showed delivery symptoms.

The minor girl who was shifted to a hospital gave birth to a child and when questioned, she revealed that her 39-year-old stepfather Shibu was having sex with her for many months. She did not tell this to anyone as shibu had threatened to kill her along with her mother and brother.

The police arrested the culprit and a case has been registered.

Raping someone against their will is a serious crime and when it comes to raping a minor is very serious. But having sex with a daughter-like minor child is nothing less than that of an animal.

Do not molest or rape any girl or woman. Now-a-days having sex with someone with her consent is allowed by some countries and is not considered as a serious crime. Why destroy the peace of mind and lives of people for your selfish flesh-satisfaction....? 

Instead search for someone who is willing to have it with you...!