Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hyderabad Women activists threatens to pelt at Porn star Sunny leone

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World sex / porn actress Sunny Leone who made her debut recently in the Indian film field through the 'adult only' rated ('A' certified) movie Jism-2 which was released recently by director Pooja Bhatt to make some 'fast and quick' money by taking undue advantage of the weakness of the Indian Youth and the male community. Whether the film will bring the expected results for the producers is unknown at this time, but it will definitely damage the morality of the people.

Sunny Leone, who got a thunderous reception in Kolkata, was threatened by the Hyderabad female activists of throwing rotten eggs at her if she visited the Cinemax multiplex. This prompted the director to cancel her visit to Hyderabad. Though some people may oppose the warning issued by the Mahila mandal activists, most people are of the view that such porn stars should not be encouraged in a country like India.

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This should be a lesson for all those cinema heroines and actresses as well as those producing and directing vulgar adult sizzling sensual movies, who are directly and indirectly spoiling the generation of the country.

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