Friday, August 17, 2012

Kolaveri di composer Anirudh-Andrea lip locking scene goes viral

There is a private side for everything. Even celebrities need some privacy. Kolaveri Di is a song that hit in a short time. and the composer and the singer have become famous over-night.

As the video / image of the intimate kissing scene of Anirudh and film actress Andrea went viral and Andrea proudly admitting it is she who is seen in the photo, lip locking with Anirudh shows the critics that people are losing their moral values and they justify anything they do.

Film heroes, stars and celebrities have got a moral responsibility to be an example for the public, as they are imitated by a huge section of the society, specially the youth.

West Bengal teenager girl commits suicide following eve-teasing...!

Poor victim
Eve teasing and violence against the female is increasing day by day in India. The suicidal death of the minor girl of 13 -years following 'eve-teasing' in West Bengal is another example for the increasing number of sexual harassment against the women gender even to the minor girls.

One of the main reasons of intimidating and prompting the youth and the male community to misbehave with the female is the substandard dirty and vulgar movies that are being released just to show some sensual and sexy scenes and to make huge profits.

The recently released film JISM 2 with porn star Sunny Leone as the lead character is an example for that. The youth who watch that movie with some intimate sex arousing scenes are sure to get tempted to practice what they saw on some one belonging to the other sex.

By totally banning such adult rated sexy films and porn sites in India, a lot of change can be achieved. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hyderabad Women activists threatens to pelt at Porn star Sunny leone

Jism2 images
World sex / porn actress Sunny Leone who made her debut recently in the Indian film field through the 'adult only' rated ('A' certified) movie Jism-2 which was released recently by director Pooja Bhatt to make some 'fast and quick' money by taking undue advantage of the weakness of the Indian Youth and the male community. Whether the film will bring the expected results for the producers is unknown at this time, but it will definitely damage the morality of the people.

Sunny Leone, who got a thunderous reception in Kolkata, was threatened by the Hyderabad female activists of throwing rotten eggs at her if she visited the Cinemax multiplex. This prompted the director to cancel her visit to Hyderabad. Though some people may oppose the warning issued by the Mahila mandal activists, most people are of the view that such porn stars should not be encouraged in a country like India.

Jism-2 photoes
This should be a lesson for all those cinema heroines and actresses as well as those producing and directing vulgar adult sizzling sensual movies, who are directly and indirectly spoiling the generation of the country.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Watching Porn videos and Playing online games cause the demise of Guys

This message should be a warning to all those guys / men / boys who are addicted to watching too much porn / sex movies and videos. According to the recent findings released by a Stanford University's Psychologist Professor Philip Zimbardo, it is very dangerous for the guys to view too much online porn and get addicted to video games.

There is nothing new in this finding. It is already mentioned in this blog an year ago. But the professor says the youth who are addicted to watching too much porn sites and sex tapes and those who are addicted to video games will die ... soon...! 

Parents must keep an eye on their wards and check what web sites they are watching. Sex sites are the tools of the evil to spoil the youth. The Parents, Teachers, and elders should save the future generations from the clutches of such sites and films.