Saturday, July 14, 2012

11th grade 17-year-old Teenage girl stripped, Molested, Assaulted by mob in Assam in public...!

Another incident reported from Assam state of India has set the entire Nation on shock and fire. In the capital city Guwahati, a mob stripped in public a teenager girl studying in 11th class outside a bar while the onlookers were enjoying to see the scene without trying to help her from the molesters that numbered in dozens...!

Even though the police which came to the spot dispersed the mob and saved the poor nude girl who was naked and without any dress on her body and was pathetically molested by the mob of animals, there are criticism from the entire Nation as the police did not make any arrests until the video of the teenager girl and the sexual molestation incident appeared in the world wide web after a couple of days. Even after a huge public outcry in this incident Nation-wide, the Assam police made only four arrests so far, though the faces of all the molesters are clearly aired in all the News channels repeatedly.

Occurrence of such incidents is an indication that the morality of the people is diminishing and the animal instinct in them is on the rise, which is a sure threat to the society in general and the female/women community in particular...!

Such incidents are spoiling the peace of mind of the whole population specially the parents of girl children....!

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