Monday, June 18, 2012

French diplomat father sexually assaults / rapes four-year-old minor daughter

As we are living in a rotten world, we are forced to hear and see very heinous and ugly news like this...! It is too awkward to believe. A French person who is working with a prestigious office ie French embassy in India, is arrested of charges of having sex with his own minor daughter who is just three years and ten months old...!

This news was too shocking for anyone under the sun to believe, until all the leading News Channels started airing this dirtiest news since this morning. French Diplomat working in the French Embassy in Bangalore is arrested by the police on charges of raping his own baby kid in his house.

Interestingly the diplomat's name is quoted as "Rascal Mazurier" by the media, who became probably the most heinous father in the world with his sexual advances on his small minor baby, who is below four years old.

According to sources Suja Jones who hails from Kerala state of India married Rascal Mazurier tens years ago in France and have two sons and this unfortunate daughter. On June 13th last week, as the mother of the victim doubted the intentions of her husband, asked the servant to keep an eye on her husband. The servant maid reported to Jones that the father spent about two hours with his minor daughter in a locked room. The mother who saw the girl-kid crying took her to the Baptist Hospital in Bangalore who confirmed sexual assault on the girl child. Later she registered a case with the police and this morning Rascal Mazurier was arrested by the police...!

If a person like Mazurier in Bangalore is burning out of uncontrollable lust for sex, he could find girls of legitimate age who are willing to make love or sex with him, but it is not at all pardonable for a father to have sex with his own girl-child....!