Sunday, March 4, 2012

Topless Ukraine (Russian) Female Activists protest against Putin

Once again the Ukrainian female activists, who are popular for their nude protests for various causes have performed at the polling booths in Russia with their semi-naked bare bodies. Criticizing the yesterdays presidential elections 'with rigging and malpractices', they resorted to steal the electronic ballet boxes where President Vladimir Putin and his wife voted.

The four topless girls who were just in jeans with no covering on their body, had painted anti-Putin slogans on their naked fair breasts and backs. They alleged that the president had involved in high level rigging and booth capturing in the presidential election just held and tried to carry away the electronic ballot boxes.

Though their effort to carry away the ballot machines were foiled by the police, they could once again exhibit their method of protest stripping their clothes, was brought to the notice of the world.

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