Monday, March 12, 2012

22-year-old son cruelly rapes mother in Kerala of India

The recent news (on Sunday, March 11th) telecast by a Malayalam TV channel was really shocking, but true. The news of a Kerala father forcing her teen daughter for sex was another story some time back.

The channel aired the Kerala mother (covering her face) weeping and confessing to a counselor and social activist about the most unpleasant and awkward incident. She was seen telling that her 22 year old son cruelly raped her in an abbreviated condition after heavily drinking alcohol.

When we hear such sad and horrible incidents, we need to check the system and the ethics that we instill upon the younger generation. Most people are concerned to provide all material things that their children ask for but fail to give them what is needed morally.

Such types of incidents are not rare, but increasing in the present, so called 'modern age'...! Human beings are also becoming just like animals, in terms of sex and lust....!


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