Monday, February 20, 2012

Own brother killed by younger sisters in Hyderabad, while trying to rape ...!

The recent news of two young girls of Hyderabad beating their elder brother to death, unable to bear anymore his sexual advances to them, has sent shock waves across families, specially having girl children.

This unfortunate and shocking incident occurred, when the 'love' of an elderly brother for his younger sisters turned in to 'lust' and started trying to rape one of them frequently at nights when they all sleep.

On that ill-fated day, 28-year-old P.Srinivas tried to rape his younger sister 22-year-old Surekha last week when they were sleeping in their home. Surekha, who was subjected to similar harassment in the past, woke her sister Lakshmi (22) and the two sisters beat Srinivas hardly with a stick and a pestle and killed him .

This incident shows light on our family set-ups and the security the girls have at their own families. The values of people are diminishing and the women are seen as sex machines, even by their own brothers.

Those who cannot control their animal sexual instincts must go to people who are willing for it, instead of engaging in such activities in own families...!