Friday, January 20, 2012

'Big Brother' (Brazilian Big Boss) Daniel Echaniz rapes Monique Amin on live TV' fully boosed.

Scores of Brazilian Television viewers were shocked in the early hours of Sunday to watch live The raping scene of 'Big Brother' contestant Daniel Echaniz who is about 31 years old, apparently forcing himself on a 23-year-old student named Monique Amin, who had passed out drunk after an alcohol fuelled party.

Big Brother is the Brazilian version of the world famous reality show 'Bigg Boss'. The Brazilian Police have confirmed that they had begun an investigation in this matter and carried out a search in the studios in Rio De Janeiro, where the popular reality show is being filmed.

The police has removed both of the from the show and asked the TV Channel Globo to stop broadcasting the program. The Police Chief Ricardo Nunes has said in a press release the they have collected the under wear used by both of them.

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