Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shocking video: Andaman Jarawa tribes girls forced to dance nude by authorities for tourists...?

The shocking video aired in the electronic media has forced the Indian Home Affairs Ministry to ask for a status report on the controversial incident of allegedly forcing the Jarawa tribes to dance nude and naked in public infront of the cameras and people to promote tourism in the island.

The group that danced include minor girls, boys women and men with bare-body according to some reports.

The Andaman police has how ever downplayed the video, terming it an 'old one' and put the entire blame on some British journalists of forcing the Jarawas to dance for the tourists.

The Director General of Police of Andaman, S B Deol stated that the video that has been released by 'The Observer' is a video nearly 10 years old that is of the year 2002.

The DGP further refuted the allegations that the Andaman police received bribe to take the tourists to the Jarawa tribal area.

He also claimed that 10 years ago at the time of shooting the video, most of the Jarawas tribals did not wear clothes.

The British popular newspaper, 'The Observer' which published the report how ever argues strongly that the video was not old. Its journalist Gethin Chamberlain said "Bribing the cops amounted to Rs 15,000 to the tourists and about six months back, a police officer was taken disciplinary action accepting the bribe."


  1. It is a matter of national shame for India.

    Poor tribals were lured to dance naked for the tourists.

    The video shows food and money were thrown to them while they were exploited by the authorities.