Monday, January 30, 2012

12 Year Old Manipuri Minor Girl gangraped in New Delh

In another incident that shocked the Indian National Capital New Delhi, a 12 year old minor girl was gang-raped for more than five months. The victim girl girl is found four months pregnant.

According to Delhi police, a 22-year old factory laborer named Deepak Shah, was arrested after the girl's complaint on confirmation of her pregnancy. The victim was gangraped by Deepak Shah and his associates, Vicky and Lucky for above five months and threatened the girl not to reveal the sexual abuse to anyone, or they would kill her parents. Fearing them she bore and concealed the repeated rape, and when her pregnancy became unable to hide she told the entire story to the police.

Young People are losing ethics and morality because of many factors and important among them are the vulgar movies and TV shows, which make them to commit such crimes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pippa Middleton's 'Valentine Day Tips' for 2012

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton aged 28, who separated from her long term life partner Alex Loudon last year has published a guide on 'How to share the love on Valentine's Day, 2012'.

Her tips include 'throwing a Valentine themed party for a few friends', 'drinking sparkling wine or specially mixed Valentine cocktails in pink hot glasses' etc.

Happy Valentine's day dear visitors.

You can use the comment box below to greet your Valentines and friends or to seek new Valentines from hundreds of singles looking for Valentines asking "Will you be my Valentine"...!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Model Heidi Klum and singer Seal divorce after 7 years

The 38 -year old American Super Model Heidi Klum has announced that she is parting apart with her husband and father of 3 children, 'soul' singer Seal after a happy and joyful wedded life of seven years.

These stars considered as one of the power couples in the Hollywood, confirmed this by a surprising announcement.

Though sources say that this decision to separate is a long time coming, the reason for the parting is not 'extra marital affairs' but both have become 'too huge personalities to adjus't...!

Klum is expected to file the divorce petition this week in a Los Angels court.

Marriages are becoming a temporary short-term affair...? Values are diminishing...?

Jennifer Lopez Pays 'Dating allowance money' to boy friend Casper Smart...!

The most popular and multi-faceted American actress, pop singer, dancer, television personality, record producer and fashion designer Jennifer Lopez is reportedly paying a weekly dating allowance of $ 10,000 to her current boy friend Casper Smart who is a back up dancer with whom she dates after her break up with her singer husband Mark Anthony.

The 42-year-old Jenny started dating Casper Smart, who is just 24 years old, weeks after her separation with husband Mark Antony in July 2011.

This news comes at a time when another American actress and pop singer Celene Gomez and her boy friend Justine Bieber together raised a sum of $ 200,000 and donated the amount to UNICEF...!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shocking Sex scene in News Channel - during debate.

In another shocking incident, viewers of a popular Scotland based TV channel STV, watching news and current affairs were shocked to see a blonde-girl in sex scene on the studio screen recently.

While a hot debate about Ed Miliband’s leadership of the Labour Party involving Scotland's Shadow Office Minister Willie Bain, hosted by John MacKay was going on in the TV channel, suddenly a naked blonde woman flashed up on a television in the background in a sex scene.

The channel authorities has tendered an apology in this regard and gave an explanation that the explicit clip, thought to have been from an episode of the Channel-4 drama 'Shameless' was by a blunder by mistake.

Some simple human errors cost a lot...!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Iranian Actress Golshifteh Farahani exiled for nude photoshoot

Golshifteh Farahani (28), a Popular Paris based Iranian actress who started her career in theater at the age of six and acted in her first film at fourteen, is banned from entering her Mother land country for posing nude for a photo-shoot for a French Magazine.

She took inspiration from the controversial Pakistani actress Veena Malik who had caused an outrage when she posed nude with an ISI tattoo on her arm for the Indian edition of FHM magazine. It was then that even her father had publicly denounced and strongly condemned her naked posing. Though Veena Malik later tendered an apology for her stripping act, she has offered to act nude for any Hollywood films, provided she is given a chance.

According to Farahani, she stripped to be shot naked in the French news magazine by name 'Madame Le Figaro' in protest against the ultra-conservative cultural policies, that are restricting Iran's film and entertainment industry by the government.

Though the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guide officials told her that Iran does not need any actors or artists, she got praise from a large number of fans and people supporting liberty world-wide for her courage in tackling a taboo subject among Muslim women.

Friday, January 20, 2012

'Big Brother' (Brazilian Big Boss) Daniel Echaniz rapes Monique Amin on live TV' fully boosed.

Scores of Brazilian Television viewers were shocked in the early hours of Sunday to watch live The raping scene of 'Big Brother' contestant Daniel Echaniz who is about 31 years old, apparently forcing himself on a 23-year-old student named Monique Amin, who had passed out drunk after an alcohol fuelled party.

Big Brother is the Brazilian version of the world famous reality show 'Bigg Boss'. The Brazilian Police have confirmed that they had begun an investigation in this matter and carried out a search in the studios in Rio De Janeiro, where the popular reality show is being filmed.

The police has removed both of the from the show and asked the TV Channel Globo to stop broadcasting the program. The Police Chief Ricardo Nunes has said in a press release the they have collected the under wear used by both of them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes Award 2012 declared. 'The Artist' tops. 'Iron Lady' Meryl Streep - Best Actress...!

The 69th Annual Golden Globes Award was presented in a spectacular event yesterday by Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and the winners of various motion pictures and television artists and actors were declared.

The Golden Globes award is considered as a fore-runner or a little brother to the Oscar Awards, 2012 which is taking place next month.

The silent 'The Artist' topped with many awards. And Meryl Streep bagged the Best Actress award for her extra ordinary performance in the film portraying 'Iron Lady'.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How to get pregnant? Tips and Guaranteed results...!

How to get pregnant is the mostly searched topic in the Google in the 'how' category. As there are numerous people looking for tips, ideas and suggestions to get pregnant faster and safer, I thought of adding some result oriented and guaranteed methods of conceiving and giving birth to a child.

Though there are scores of people in the world who are destroying brutally the 'rarest gift life' by doing abortion, there are also many people specially women scornfully asking themselves, "why I am not conceiving or not fit to give birth to a child?"

Though getting pregnant (specially when not needed) may be one of the easiest of many things, some couples, however find it very difficult to get conceived for many reasons - including weak and/or insufficient sperm count.

The first and fore most thing you need to keep in mind is that it is the Creator of the universe that allows, empowers and authorizes a human being to give birth to another cute, smart, brilliant, blemish-less human being in one's own and HIS own image and shape receiving the 'genes'- the individual unique property GOD instilled in each and every human being.

Hence, Submit yourselves at the feet the God to give you a child of your choice. This submission and prayer with strong faith have proved that even the women whom the medical science termed as 'Barron-women' have conceived and gave birth to number of children, which is still a mystery for the science of modern medicine.

Best, Proven and guaranteed Tips to conceive good children:

1. Both the husband and wife must Pray to the God of your faith to give you a sound and healthy child.

2. Both should visit the doctor (gynecologist) to know about your weakness or problems if any.

3. Good and healthy diet prescribed by a dietitian or the doctor is one of the important factors to get pregnant faster.

4. Love your partner with whole heart (not mere lustful intention) and engage in sexual intercourse with a strong wish, belief and desire to conceive a good and healthy baby.

5. Have relaxed and enjoyable sex as frequently as possible (preferably daily during the desired days). It is good to remember to have sex using the missionary position (man on woman) as it will allow more the sperm to be drawn up into the female uterus.


It is important to remember that female orgasm plays an important role in getting pregnant faster and easier as studies reveal that orgasm in women leads to muscle contractions of the vagina that can possibly push sperms in to the cervix. Hence good and private atmosphere, happy and carefree mood and a lot of fun is important while having sex to conceive.

1. As mentioned above, the missionary position or man on top is considered as the best and effective sexual posture or position to get pregnant, as this position enables the male penis to penetrate deeper into the vagina and causes the sperms to be deposited closer to the cervix.

2. Raise the woman's hips by placing a pillow under her waist, as this enables more the cervix to receive as much semen the male can release.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shocking video: Andaman Jarawa tribes girls forced to dance nude by authorities for tourists...?

The shocking video aired in the electronic media has forced the Indian Home Affairs Ministry to ask for a status report on the controversial incident of allegedly forcing the Jarawa tribes to dance nude and naked in public infront of the cameras and people to promote tourism in the island.

The group that danced include minor girls, boys women and men with bare-body according to some reports.

The Andaman police has how ever downplayed the video, terming it an 'old one' and put the entire blame on some British journalists of forcing the Jarawas to dance for the tourists.

The Director General of Police of Andaman, S B Deol stated that the video that has been released by 'The Observer' is a video nearly 10 years old that is of the year 2002.

The DGP further refuted the allegations that the Andaman police received bribe to take the tourists to the Jarawa tribal area.

He also claimed that 10 years ago at the time of shooting the video, most of the Jarawas tribals did not wear clothes.

The British popular newspaper, 'The Observer' which published the report how ever argues strongly that the video was not old. Its journalist Gethin Chamberlain said "Bribing the cops amounted to Rs 15,000 to the tourists and about six months back, a police officer was taken disciplinary action accepting the bribe."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Complaint to BCCC on Item Bomb Rakhi Savanth and Sunny Leone on vulgar TV shows.

The 'Broadcast Content Complaint Council' (BCCC) which was established in June 2011 to check the complaints of the public about the content of the T V shows has already received 3441 in mere six months.

Most of the viewers and watchers of T. V programs came against Item Bomb Rakhi Sawant and Sunny Leone are the most hated and vulgar performers of TV shows.

The interview program by Rakhi Sawant in 'Gajab Desh ki Ajab Kahani' telecast in the 'Images' channel is reported as bad by many people and the purpose of the item also is below the mark. Most complainants felt that such performances would spoil evn the young minds.

After Rakhi came the porn star Sunny Leone in 'Bigg Boss 5' for her vulgar and indecent movements in the sho that is aired by 'Colours TV channel'

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bigg Boss Season 5 Grand finale winner

'Bigg Boss' is one of the most popular T.V reality shows of India. The show is more sensational, though some times controversial. The Grand Finale of the shows season 5 (five) ended glamorously. The final episode was conducted by Bollywood's super stars, Sunil Dutt and Salman Khan.

Juhi Chahti, one of the five finalists was selected as the grand finalist and won the prestigious title of the 'Bigg Boss season 5 winner.'