Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love is the essence of Life; No life without Love...!

Life cannot exist on this planet without love. It is true, very very true. But what is love? Love should not be messed-up with making love or sex alone. Love has many dimensions. It is very difficult to define or explain what is love. Love must be experienced. It should be loved. But nowadays love is misunderstood just as physical attraction of two individuals.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New T.V. Survey on Pre-marital Sex ; Shocking Results

Recently a Leading T.V. channel of India held a Survey on dating, romance, sex etc before marriage and the results of it was really shocking. Some twenty years ago a similar survey was conducted and then only less than 5 percent of the Indian youth who are doing their education opined that romance, dating and premarital sexual relationships are right. But the findings from the recent survey was very much opposite to that. More than ninety percent of the present Indian Student community comprising of both boys and girls believe that there is absolutely no wrong in having sexual relations with their friends or others before marriage. What a contrary to the ethical civilized community...!