Friday, December 2, 2011

The Dirty Picture hits the cinemas across India on December 2nd, 2011

The much awaited, controversial, adult rated Vidya Balan's Bollywood movie, directed by Milan Luthria on the life of the doomed sex icon of South Indian film industry in 1980s 'Silk Smitha' who led a sizzling and titillating life of sexploitation and was the sex symbol of the youth and the aged alike during her era but met with a lonely and tragic death, is released throughout the country today and is reported to be a super-hit.

The date of release of the movie is fixed in commemoration to Silk's 51st birth anniversary which falls on December 2, 2011.

Apart from Vidya Balan who put on 12 kgs weight in 3 months to increase her belly and other body exposing parts to resemble that of Silk Smitha to play Smita's role, Nazeeruddin shah also holds a key role in this super-hit film.

What ever the out come, one thing is evident in the present society, a poor prostitute who sells her flesh for making a living has to fear the laws of the land, police, people, government... and she is looked down by the society in whole as a dirty person, whereas some hi-tech prostitutes who sell their flesh, body-parts, and sex with the so called high society are regarded as heroines and have many fans and followers...!!!


  1. Most film actresses are high-tech prostitutes nowadays. But the people give them unnecessary hype and honor, without giving any weight to their character or morality.

  2. The Nampally Court has directed the police to bokk case against Vidya Balan, who played the key role as sexy late actress Silk Smitha in the 'dirty picture'.

    Though the film is a hit, there are wide spread disagreements from many quarters against the movie demanding for the ban of the movie.