Friday, December 30, 2011

A.P DGP's Controversial and Sensational remarks on women's immodest dressing

The controversial and sensational remarks of the Director General of Police of Andhra Pradesh Mr Dinesh Reddy on December 30th, 2011, while giving a press conference, on the immodest way of dressing of some women has stirred up the women political leaders who were probably looking for an opportunity to raise some issues.

In his statement during a press conference, aired in the news channels, he pointed out that 'one of the reasons' for the increased crime rates on the female may be because of the mode of wearing flimsy dress that may provoke the men to involve in sexual crimes against the women.

His views were of general observation but some women leaders of some political parties including Telugu Desam and BJP immediately started condemning his statements, as it was misinterpreted according to the DGP.

However the SMS POLL conducted by the popular Telugu news channel showed that more than 90 percent of the viewers of the particular news were supporting the DGP's comments while only about 10 percent opposed it.

This shows that it is a fact that 'the dressing style' of our women also plays as an important reasons for the increasing sexual atrocities on women.

Many feel that if the girls and women control their curiosity to expose their body parts, to a great extend it will not adversely attract the male and they will be safer...!!!

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