Friday, November 11, 2011

Rathinirvedam - the super hit Malayalam movie dubbed and released in Telugu on November 18, 2011

Swetha Menon's sensational Malayalam film Rathinirvetham, directed by T.K Rajeev Kumar, which has succesfully run more than 100 days, is dubbed into Telugu and is ready for release on November 18th.

This movie became an epic center of controversy as it is an adult (A) rated movie in which love between an elder woman and a younger boy is screened.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alabama in America Bans sex toys

In a world wide survey on sexiest women, Jennifer Lopez is voted as the most sexiest lady in the world, followed by Halle Berry and Britney Spears.

Though the most three sexiest women in the world are produced by America, Alabama state has banned the production, marketing or sale of any items that are intended to give sexual stimulation.

It is considered as a good initiative ...! Let the other states / countries follow the suit...!

Sex tax imposed on Prostitutes in Bonn, Germany

'Sex sells', the old hard-hitting phrase now comes true. The officials in the German City of Bonn have identified and licensed 200 sex workers in the city and will be collecting a levy of six Euros per head for carrying out flesh trade in the city.

The officials are expecting an annual tax collection of 200,000 Euros for the prostitutes who are engaged in selling sex.

They are to issue even a receipt for this sex-tax.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sex, Lies and Black mail - Bhanwari Devi Mystery...?

The sensational disappearance news of Rajastan's nurse, Bhanwari Devi remains as a mystery even after many days. It was reported that she was brutally raped by top politicians, but whether she was murdered is yet to be traced.

The recent tracing of the audio tapes containing the conversation of Bhanwari was revealed by Headlines Today, one of the leading news TV channels of India.

As some influential politicians are involved in this sex offence, the truth is far from reach.

Let's wait for the justice to prevail and be sympathetic to the family of the victim - her wailing husband, son - and of course, to the culprits who could not control their lust at the sight of a fair woman, forgetting their positions and fame...!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Connect with Friends eagerly waiting for you...!

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Whether it is for a long relationship leading to marriage or short-period outing and partying, you can find it here free.

The desirous people hunting for a friend for love, date, romance, marriage, etc can use the comment form below to give your choice (male/female) and contact details, so that they will see it and contact you and if interested you can chat with them.

Best Wishes and have a Happy and Enjoyable time...!

'Dancing with the Stars' US TV Reality show has conquered USA and CANADA television watchers...!

'Dancing with the Stars' is the most popular TV reality series in the US which has conquered the majority of the television viewers in America and Canada. This much acclaimed program is aired by ABC in the United States and CTV in Canada. It is the American version of the BBC TV reality series 'Strictly come Dancing' which made records in the TV reality world.

This mega-hit program that has completed 13 episodes already has emerged as the favorite TV program of majority of Americans and Canadians. It is calculated that tens of thousands of people in the USA and Canada are practicing dance to participate in this program and put steps with the stars.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Porn Sites, Sex Tapes, Adult contents, Blue films, XXX movies, Masturbation - Very dangerous for the Individual and the society...!

Millions of searches are made every day for sex sites and porn stuff in the search engines of the internet. Many of the searchers are youth and below the permitted age group to watch adult content sites.

Recently many researchers have strongly opined that watching porn tapes or viewing sex contents are highly dangerous for the individuals (specially for the youth) and for the society in common.

The habit of watching porn movies and videos will reduce the sexual ability in people specially the males. Even performing masturbation too much will affect the sexual power adversely of the male, say senior scientists and researchers.

On the other hand, watching adult content movies and blue films will increase the unhealthy imagination of the youngsters and prompt them to have illegitimate relations with their friends, class mates and co-workers. Thus it is harmful for the society. Please strive for the eradication of harmful stuff from the internet for the sake of the generations...!