Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nude Dance in Thirupathi resorts, police arrests all.

Seven beautiful girls and some men were among the arrested by the police in Thirupati along with some staff of a resort by name 'Grand world' Thirupathi on October 18, 2011. When police raided the hotel, they found the young girls were performing nude sexy dances and involved in other illegal activities.

When questioned, they said they were practicing for a new movie. The police who arrested them are making a thorough inquiry in this matter.

Similar incidents are reported from many places recently and still those who involve are cool. In many cases, there are political and influential forces behind the scene.

It has become a fashion nowadays trapping young girls in the contest of securing them jobs in the film units and other companies and offering them chances in new movies as heroines and actresses. The girls specially college and school going, are warned not to fall in the trap of sex hunters and be cautious and vigilant.

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