Friday, September 16, 2011

South Indian Actress Shriya Saran (Shreya) acting nude in new film

Shriya Saran was once one of the most wanted actresses of the Tollywood. She gained her fame and popularity after actiing with Super star Rajanikanth in 'Shivaji'. But she is found unnoticed by film directors in the recent past and she is badly in need of a chance now to retain her image.

At this juncture, she has agreed to act completely nude, in a Bengali film directed by acclaimed director Rituparna Gosh. Though she was reluctant a bit at the beginning to accept the offer, her present position forced her to do so.

The film is to narrate the lives of prstitutes, and she is to act many senseous and naked scenes in it.

The director has already shown Raima sen and Aishwarya Rai exposing in his earlier movies and this time it is shriya to reveal her bare body.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Actress Nayanthara to wed Prabhu Deva shortly

The controversial love affair / dating / living together, prevailing between Tollywood Actor cum dancer Prabhu Deva and the beautiful actress Nayanthara is coming to an end with their announcement of getting married this month, September, 2011.

It is free for any person of the maturity age to choose and find his/her life partner and together make a decision to lead a happy wedded life.

As as far as the selection of the partner is concerned, it is very unfortunate to love or want to marry a person who is already married and when both the husband and wife are alive.

Here the action of Nayanthara is not liked and accepted by the Indian community, where this practice is highly condemnable. She could have loved or married any other smart guy or millionaire of her choice who are not married. But she fell in love with a man who is already married and has a wife and family.

This type of 'love' or wedding may not give a 'happy and peaceful life' for anyone. Rather the curse of other people concerned may hunt such people. Any how this illegitable affair should not be encouraged and made an example by the youth and others who take the stars as their idols...!