Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is 'living together' ? What is 'dating'...?

The American and western culture of 'dating' is widely and wildly being accepted by the younger generation of Asian countries, who are not accustomed to it and who do not know the purpose of it.

'Dating' is termed as a form of courtship consisting of social activities like outing, going to restaurants, etc. done by two persons (a male and a female)with the aim of each observing, studying and assessing the other's suitability as a partner for an intimate relationship usually marriage.

'Living together' is an advanced form of this dating, where two people live together and lead a life with or without sex as couple, without undergoing any marriage or social knowledge.

This has become a fashion in the developing countries and it will no doubt lead to the assassination of the values, tradition and ethics of countries like India.

The recent discussion on Malayalam T.V channel Asianet, in a program by name 'NAMMAL THAMMIL' many people opined there was no mistake in 'living together' without tying the wed-lock. This tendency is very dangerous and it should not be encouraged, because our youngsters are not matured enough to choose a life partner, as they may be lead by the immature feeling of making love and having sex only.

It should be noted that famous Malayalam movie play back singer, M.G. Srikumar, who is also a judge of the famous Malayalam music reality show on Asianet T.V 'Idea star singer season 5' and the anchor of another musical chat show with celebrities, 'Sa Ri Ga Ma', who lived together with a women for more than ten years secretly, advising the viewers and youngsters not to indulge in 'living together' but to lead a 'wedded life' happily with a partner, who is legitimately married, with the knowledge of the parents, elders, relativies and the society...!