Friday, July 1, 2011

Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages...!

"Marriages are made in Heaven". It is a prominent proverb that emphasizes the greatness and Divine intervention of connecting a man and a woman to be partners for life, till their death. It is always found that such weddings are more successful and long lasting. Before marriage, a man or woman may have many expectations of his/her would be wife or husband. Usually many people expect their future life partners to be the most beautiful, very successful, very lovable and understanding.

It is found that many 'love-marriages' based on mere physical attraction or lust, end up in a short period. The reason for this is, 'they' give importance only to external appearance, and their 'blind love' is just 'skin deep' which is an out come of their 'immature' mind...!

On the other hand, arranged marriages are proven to be better and long lasting in majority cases. Here, the decision is is taken bey parents and elders who have ample life experience...!

So if you are a young boy or girl, and are in 'real love' with somebody, do not take any hasty step out of emotion, but wait for a sufficient period of time and 'time will reveal the fact to you'...!

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