Thursday, June 30, 2011

New York State legalizes 'gay marriage'...!

New York state of USA became the sixth and the largest state of America to legalize same sex marriage. Even though any state or country, how ever great it is, creates a law to permit people belonging to the same sex to live together and to have unnatural sex like a married couple, how far its authenticity remains good...! Who will be the husband and who will be the wife?

The very purpose of marriage is for procreation through recreation. Any married life that cannot give birth to their young ones cannot be taken as a wedded life, but an act against the nature. This tendency (disease?) of making sexual affair with the same gender (man with man and woman with woman) is not found even among wild animals...! Sex and attraction is expected to be between male and female...! Man, who boasts of having sixth sense, is worse than animals...???

Symptoms of End days, what else...!!!

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