Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dating should not 'cross the limits' !

The term Dating is misunderstood now-a-days as something that gives license to behave irresponsibly an indecently. Dating is good only when it is taken in the positive and correct angle. Many people specially the young generation and those without sufficient understanding think that it is for making illegitimate sexual relationships.

It is ok dating with proper ethics and responsibility. One must see that the term dating should not be vulgarized and it should not cross the limits. Parents should take utmost care of their children and give sufficient education in this regard.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sex is Legitimate only for couple

There are many people leading a single (unmarried) life for many reasons. Christian Priests, Religious and Nuns of some denominations forsake the worldly life with some spiritual motives and remain as singles practicing chastity. Some hermits and swamis also renounce married life for attaining spiritual ecstasy.

For normal people who want to lead a family life should seek and find a suitable life-partner and get married. Such people are only entitled to have sex with the partner. Anything out of it is non-ethical and unacceptable...!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Have a fun-filled Married Life! With your Love for ever...!

Marriages are made in Heaven...! This quote is widely accepted all over. One woman for a man is a universal slogan. This has nothing to do with any religion or race. In the very beginning, the Creator made a man and then a woman to be the companion, friend, sharer and life partner for the man. Even people who lived (and still live) in the dense forests where civilization has not yet reached, practice this principle of marrying and making love with one woman /man. But many husbands and wives in this so called 'civilized' world think there is no wrong in having a extra marital affair...! If you are not honest with your life-partner, how can you expect her/him to be honest with you?